Tentative Calendar 2022-2023 


Events in Bold are open to all club athletes

Other events are out of province events for provincial team level athletes (13+ years)

Nov26-27: Harold Joyce (Fredericton)

Dec 10-11: Citadel cup (Halifax)

Jan14-15: Charles Gorman (Saint John) 

Jan 28-29: Provincial FPVQ (Trois Rivieres)

Feb4-5: Dieppe (Dieppe)

Feb 18-19: Provincial FPVQ (Chicoutimi)

Feb17-26:  Canada Winter Games 2023  (PEI/NS)

Feb25-26: St Croix (St Andrews)

Mar 4: 1 day (Dartmouth)

Mar11: Hampton (Hampton)

Mar17-19: Canada ST Juniors (Sherbrooke)

Mar25-26: Canada Youth (East)Oakville Ontario)