New Brunswick High Performance Training Group Information: 


Started in 2009 by Club Head Coach Derrick MacLeod in association  with SSNB, and the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic. The goal is to support Speed Skaters training in New Brunswick towards the ultimate goal of Canada Winter Game and National Podium results and the ultimate goal of making National Junior, National Development and Senior Canadian Short Track teams. Since conception the group has had medal success at National, CWG, and International level and had had three alumni make National Team. 

Benefits of Training with Speed Skate New Brunswick High Performance Training Group (HPTG):

- Access to Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic's Integrated Training Centre . Additional access includes sessions with Sport Psychologist, Sport's Dietician, and special Podium sessions. Please note that there will be a minimal charge for this service starting in April 2019 .

- Ice Sessions available at the Grant Harvey Centre (Olympic Ice) . FASSCI Drop-in fee applies for attendance at regular FASSCI A Practices.   

- Programming developed and delivered both Off Ice and On Ice with successful High Performance Chartered Professional Coach Derrick MacLeod. Derrick will either be lead coach) to all HP level Competitions i.e. SSC National Junior, Senior and FPVQ Elite. 

- Spring/Summer Training runs to End of September. It is expected during this time period for HP athletes to also train in a complimentary sport. 

- Athletes from other provinces are invited to train with us.

- Best running and biking trail system in Canada !

- Close to Community Colleges, tech institutes, University or New Brunswick, and St Thomas University

 - Ability for Maritime athletes to train close at home.

- Athletes from any region of Canada can train with us. We have solid results nationally and plan to grow on this !

In Season (Mid October - March 31st) : 

Training Group is centralized in Fredericton New Brunswick

All High Performance members must be training in New Brunswick as stipulated by CSC-Atlantic and be at the LTAD Training to Train stage or above. HPTG athletes and CSC Invites training in New Brunswick Clubs outside the centralized centre will be supported through HP coach and club coach.

Strength and Conditioning Sessions under the direction of the Canadian Sport Centre Certified Strength and Conditioning Team at CSC-Fredericton/Saint Training Room + Off Ice sessions with High performance Lead Coach.

HPTG athletes receive financial support towards summer, Fall, and other HP Specific ice times as well as event coaching. Support will be used to reduce ice cost for those within the HP Program.

The HP Coach will provide coaching to Elite, SSC Junior, and SSC Senior Level competitions or arrange a coach if only 1-2 HP athletes are attending.

2020-2021 High Performance Training Group Members 

Jayson Lawson (has 2019-2020 time standards - will need to requalify by January 1st 2022

HPTG Alumni with access to CSCA services when training in Fredericton

Courtney Sarault (Carded - National Team)

Brendan Corey (AUS)

Rikki Doak (Carded - National Team)

2021-2022 High Performance Entry Standards - Short Track

To achieve HPTG (High Performance Training Group ) status you must meet the minimum standards listed below

HP Status from Previous year in Place until December 2nd 2021. 

LTAD Stage ISU Age.



T2C and above19-20/21-23+ Yrs  - ( Neo-SR-B/SR-A)

Competing Elite FPVQ Circuit 

Canada Cup  (non minimum Provincial) or Senior Trials #1/#2

Combined 500+1000+1500 = Male : 277.5 Female : 300.50


L2C & T2C17-18 Yrs  -  ( JR A)

FPVQ Provincial #1, #2 , #3, #4 - Top 8

Canada Cup 1&2, Junior World Selections, Junior National (top 80%) or Senior
National Championships

Combined 500+1000+1500= Male: 284, Female : 306


T2T & L2C15-16 Yrs    ( JR B )

FPVQ Provincial #1, #2, #3, #4 - Top 10

Canada Cup 1/2, Junior World Selections, Junior National (top 90%) or Senior
National Championships

 Combined 500+1000+1500 = Male: 290.5, Female: 311


T2T 13 -14 Yrs (JR C)

FPVQ Provincial #1, #2 , #3, #4   - Top 15,

 14  (JR C)Canada Cup 1/2, Junior World Selections, Junior National Championships

 SSC Youth Championships - Top 3 Overall Final Finishers 

 Combined 500+1000+1500 = Male: 296.5 , Female: 315

SSNB has a fund in place to help HPTG athletes purchase ice time and some services.

These monies are under the direction of the HP Coach as they are part of a grant received from the CSCA and SSNB has an obligation to spend remaining money towards summer/fall ice cost and training needs as stipulated by the grant .
Once the money in the grant has been used then HP athlete will no longer receive any financial assistance from the CSCA.

Requirements of Training Group Members:

1) Funded members must adhere to Centralized HP Training Program both on and off ice. All HPTG training outside of Fredericton must follow integrated HPTG & Club program. 

2) HPTG members must maintain regular attendance at respective club ice practices, off ice training, information sessions and HP level competitions. 

3) HPTG athletes must adhere to SSNB Athlete Guide and Code of Conduct at all times.

4) Training group members must train in N.B. (stipulation of Atlantic Coaching Centre - Atlantic). Visiting skaters residing outside of NB will be permitted to train at discretion of HP Lead Coach.