IMPORTANT News and Notices:


Please read our Return to Ice plan for FASSCI . This plan will evolve along with provincial health regulations and is geared to providing the safest sport possible to our members.  

Dressing Rooms: 

Please note that we may not be able to offer Male/female dressing rooms for 2020-2021 however skaters are to come dressed in all gear with exception of skates, gloves, and helmet that can be put on in dressing room area (Masks Mandatory)

~ Dressing Room 10 as a Family/Unisex area (common area, any skaters and/or parents welcome)

~ Dressing Room 8 as a Male Skaters Only (parents please remain outside in hall)

~ Dressing Room 6 Female Skaters Only (parents please remain outside in hall)

No phones/tablets/other camera devices are to be turned on and they must remain packed away at all times while in the dressing room. This applies to anyone in the dressing rooms. Parents are responsible for monitoring skaters (and there own) cell phone behaviour. 

True Sport Principles 

These 7 True Sport Principles are something we want all of our members to strive for. They represent what we want our club to stand for.  The website is amazing and full of great tips and ideas for keeping sport fun