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Harold Joyce Information (Program and Operational Plan below)

The Fredericton Amateur Speed Skating Club is looking forward to welcoming everyone this weekend at the Grant-Harvey Centre in Fredericton for the 35th edition of the Harold Joyce competition!

You will find two documents below:

- Meet Program which includes both the Schedule and Division Lists


-  Covid-19 operational procedures and safety guidelines. Please review carefully as some changes have been made from previous meets in order to best ensure safety and adherence to Public Health guidelines.

A few key points have been summarized below:

-In accordance with NB Regulations all people over the age of 12 years must be fully vaccinated. Please be prepared to show both ID and proof of vaccination.

-There will be two lines when entering the facility. Priority is being given to athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers. Younger athletes may be accompanied by 1 adult in the priority line. Please consider arriving early to allow ample time to check everyone in prior to warm-up.

-We ask that spectators be limited to parents and siblings of the athlete in order to accommodate social distancing in the facility.

-New rules within the bull pen require all athletes to bring a bag (re-useable shopping bag will work) to place their skate guards, masks and coat or sweatshirt.

-There is no lunch room. Please bring a bag lunch.

Please take a moment to review the attached Covid-19 operational procedures and guidelines for further details.


FASSCI thanks you for your cooperation and we look forward to welcoming you this weekend!

35th Edition of Harold Joyce Program (includes Divisions and Schedules)

Safe check in Procedures - Please read before arriving 


Welcome to the Fredericton Amateur Speed Skating Club.

The Fredericton Amateur Speed Skating Club Inc (FASSCI) is a Speed Skating Canada accredited club that serves the capital region of New Brunswick. 

The core of our program is our Learn to Skate group and we have streams for Recreational, Competitive, and High Performance athletes. We truly offer a program for all abilities from Fundamentals to Podium. 

Please check our Programs section for registration information. 

How-to place safety mats & on ice preparation ? 

We ask the all parents contribute throughout the season by helping place safety mats. 



Thank you to HILCON Ltd for surveying and laying our tracks for this season.

Your time is appreciated  by all our skaters !