The Fredericton Club is closed for the summer and is planning to resume with Fall Registration in September 2020. The summer will be spent aligning provincial COVID19 Health regulations with our club programming in the plan of having programming resume for the 2020-2021 season in as safe, healthy, and fun Return to Sport environment. 




Important notes about our programs (To be revised for 2020-2021 season to meet Return to Play Guidelines).

Supervision of Skaters:

We are very proud of & grateful for our coaches. They provide excellent coaching as well as excellent on ice supervision. However, we do not offer off ice supervision of your skater. Unexpected incidents may occur while your skater is on the ice and you remain responsible for the health and welfare of your skater. Therefore you are required to be available to supervise your skater off ice before, during and after practice. Therefore please do not leave the premises while your skater is in the building, or make arrangements for another guardian onsite at all times. We want the best possible experience for your skater and that means you need to be in the building and available to your skater when they are in the building.

Board Pads:

We require the help of all C Group parents/guardians to assist in the set-up of the board pads that keep our skaters safe during practice. This means you need to be at the rink by 5:30 pm on Tuesday/Thursdays & by 3:45 pm on Saturdays (we will get some help from the LTS Coaches/Helpers on Saturday but need to be quick as LTS goes right up tour start time). On Tuesdays/Thursdays as soon as board pads are up the Zamboni will flood the ice and you can assist your skater with whatever they may need to get ready for practice at this time. For our A & B1 families we need all hands on deck for your extra practices, particularly on Friday mornings. Many hands make light work and any delays in setting up the board pads take valuable ice time away from our skaters.

BOARD PAD Video Update - older board pads are now marked with ink that says BACK PAD ONLY and we also have enough pads to start the AD-Mats + BACK PAD ONLY Mats at the Blue line. We are safer than ever. 



Skaters Ready for Practice:

We ask that all skaters be standing ready to go on the ice in the hallway between dressing rooms 8 & 10 at least 5 minutes before your practice starts. Coming on the ice late is disruptive to the warm-up/practice, potentially dangerous if skaters are on the track and is disrespectful to our coaches.


Dressing Rooms:

~ Dressing Room 10 as a Family/Unisex area (common area, any skaters and/or parents welcome)

~ Dressing Room 8 as a Male Skaters Only (parents please remain outside in hall)

~ Dressing Room 6 Female Skaters Only (parents please remain outside in hall)


No phones/tablets/other camera devices are to be turned on and they must remain packed away at all times while in the dressing room. This applies to anyone in the dressing rooms. Parents are responsible for monitoring skaters (and there own) cell phone behaviour. 

True Sport Principles 

These 7 True Sport Principles are something we want all of our members to strive for. They represent what we want our club to stand for.  The website is amazing and full of great tips and ideas for keeping sport fun

Respect In Sport (click here for SSC-Access-Instructions- Parent.pdf):

As a club we are following Speed Skate Canada’s adoption of the Respect In Sport Parent Program. In addition all of our leaders, coaches & officials will be completing the Respect in Sport Activity Leader Program as well. Parents/Guardians are to complete the online training (approximately one hour in length) and provide the certification to me Dan Hatfield. Simply forward the email you receive from Respect In Sport with your certification number to me at  Instructions are attached. There is a $13.50 fee (including tax) for this program. Payment is made online when you register.


Fredericton Amateur Speed Skating Club

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