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Welcome to the Fredericton Amateur Speed Skating Club.

The Fredericton Amateur Speed Skating Club Inc (FASSCI) is a Speed Skating Canada accredited club that serves the capital region of New Brunswick. 

The core of our program is our Learn to Skate group and we have streams for Recreational, Competitive, and High Performance athletes. We truly offer a program for all abilities from Fundamentals to Podium.

IMPORTANT News and Notices:

Covid Regulations:

Please read our latest Return to Ice plan for FASSCI(2020-2021 season) . This plan will evolve along with provincial health regulations and is geared to providing the safest sport possible to our members.  

How-to place safety mats & on ice preparation ? 

We ask the all parents contribute throughout the season by helping place safety mats. Please note that this PDF was created in 2018 (pre-Covid) and helpers are expected to maintain 2M distance, sanitize hands before/after placement is complete, and masks must be worn at all times. 



Thank you to HILCON Ltd for surveying and laying our tracks for this season.

Your time is appreciated  by all our skaters !