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Throughout the season we will have cancellations .
They will be e-mailed in advance whenever possible.

In the case of storm cancellations we will make a final call by 2 pm (later if weather takes a sudden change post 2 pm). Storm cancellations will be sent via E-mail and posted on Facebook.  We will always be cancelled in the event of a rink closure or city police road advisory.


Known cancellations for 2023-2024

Learn to Skate (possible cancellation dates below due to City Sport's Tournaments .
We wil
l 100% confirm cancellation once individual tournament schedules are finalized):

Dec 8 - 6-7 pm
Dec 24-27 - All sessions cancelled

Dec 31-1 - All sessions cancelled

Jan 19 - 6-7 pm

Feb 2 6-7 pm

Feb 16 6-7 pm

Feb 23 6-7 pm

Mar 15 6-7 pm


The club will work to provide the total 15 sessions of LTS throughout the season.

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